Black Tweed and Pearl Shoes

It's another Monday and start to a new work week. Today I'm sharing one of my favorite work outfits. I'm a fan of dressing in monochrome black - it's slimming and a signature in urban fashion (think New York, Paris, Milan...). Here, I've paired my all-black look with some eye popping mules and a Coco Chanel-inspired … Continue reading Black Tweed and Pearl Shoes

Spring Brunch Outfit

Hello darlings! Last weekend, I attended a wonderful brunch and met some amazing Bay Area fashion bloggers and photographers! We dined at the Magic Flute and had delicious food and... wait for it... 37 mimosas altogether 🙈 !!! Following brunch, we did some photoshoots. It's typically just me and my tripod so this was a … Continue reading Spring Brunch Outfit

White Pants: Not Just For Summer Anymore

It's time to ignore those rules you've heard about when you can wear white. Truth is, most rules have gone out the window, including the formerly very strict "can't wear black with navy or brown". These days we see it all and San Francisco is a prime location with its wonderful eccentricity to live by your own … Continue reading White Pants: Not Just For Summer Anymore